This media project was created to show how narrative form can be utilized for digital story telling.  My first post was of the Story Map, which laid out the path the story would take.  I decided to use some personal experience and create a story about a mental health profession having a rough moment.  The narrative introduces the setting and characters (the worker and the location); next comes the conflict the protagonist must overcome (the client outburst); finally he comes out on the other side changed, hopefully for the better (handling the situation and being congratulated by the doctor).

The second step was to create a script, essentially all the words that make up the story.  Everything I spoke in the story had to first be written out.  The script had to follow the path of the Story Map, which can be more difficult than it sounds.  It’s easy to add to much or not enough little.  Next a story table that pairs the words from the script to images was created.  This meant coming through images to find ones that fit what was happening in the story.  Finally, the words and images are combined into a digital story.  The video above demonstrates the outcome of this process.